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French as a Second Language


Students at St. Francis of Assisi, from Grades 7-12, can participate in French as a Second Language Classes during the school year.  For Senior High students, French as a second language is a credit course that will give five credits after successfully completing each year between Grades 10-12.  Whether enrolled in the regular nine-year french program or the three-year French program, many universities will accept these credits as prerequisites for acceptance.  

Learning a second language is more than just learning how to speak new words and phrases.  It involves learning about a culture and its people.  Students will be immersed in both the French language and the French culture as they learn about how the Language and the French people brought their customs and traditions to our country.  The students will learn about famous Canadian French festivals such as Festival du Voyageur and Carnival du Quebec.  They will enjoy different traditional french dishes and desserts while discovering the origins of various French foods. The French curriculum is composed of three units of study that the students experience throughout the year.  In these units, the students learn to communicate with each other using common phrases and expressions, verbs and vocabulary.