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English Language Learners

English as a Second Language/English Language Learners Program

The ESL/ELL program at St. Francis of Assisi is for students whose first language is not English and needs extra help with their English proficiency.  In Junior and Senior High School, students attend specific English language classes, focusing on all forms of English communication, and this is in addition to their regular English class.  While students attend their core subject classes (Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts), students also have the opportunity to be supported by an Educational Assistant (EA) who will help them to work on building their academic and conversational English skills.

Our ESL/ELL program’s focus is to ensure that our students understand Canada’s social norms and the intricacies of Canadian English. Our ESL/ELL program also allows students to enhance their English language skills while still interacting with their peers in a typical classroom setting.

On top of some of the other benefits of our ESL/ELL program, students in Senior High ELL classes can earn up to a maximum of 15 credits towards their High School Diploma.