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Knowledge and Employability

Knowledge and Employment (KAE)

At St. Francis, KAE courses are available to junior (starting in grade 8) and senior high students.  The purpose of KAE programming is to provide students with opportunities that best support their individual learning needs.  KAE programs are designed to break down the curriculum to allow students to build their skills in core academic courses (English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science).  In addition, there is a strong emphasis on work-study placements and the possibility of Registered Apprentice Programs (RAP).

KAE students have a blended learning experience whereby they stay engaged with their grade groups throughout the day.  Junior high school students enrolled in the KAE program can choose to transition to regular stream courses when they enter high school.

The KAE experience provides students with the chance to get a certificate of high school completion (students must earn 80 credits), which may later be upgraded to a high school diploma if they choose to transition into diploma stream courses.