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About Us - Why Choose Us

We are proud to serve students from grades 7- 12.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy’s mission is to have all students graduate. We believe by working together we can provide students with what they need to successfully complete school.  As part of Living Waters Catholic Schools, we work to promote an ethical approach to living and responsible citizenship.     We have many  policies and procedures that promote student safety, responsibility and personal growth. Personal Education Plans, interdisciplinary projects, and the use of technology all support student success. 

We are proud to be a culturally diverse school open to individuals from all faiths whose students report very high levels of engagement, satisfaction and success.  We are very much a family.

Our school offers many varied supports to help children find their own paths to success.  It is all about working together as a school with families to meet the needs of each individual student. Our school offers:

Small Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes allow for more student-teacher interaction and provide fewer opportunities for students to “fall into the cracks”.  Students and teachers get to know one another and develop meaningful relationships.

Personalized Learning Experiences

Students are offered a great deal of input and choice in how they demonstrate their understanding, knowledge and skills.  Whether they are visual learners with a flair for artistry or are more logical and sequential with a preference for linguistics, students will be provided with opportunities to shine.

Technology for Learning

No matter if students use one of the many school-owned devices or bring their own device to school, teachers will work with them to build skills necessary to flourish in the 21st Century.  All students will have access to Google Educational Accounts and be able to use technology at school, and at home to create, share and express their learning.

Project-based learning opportunities

Students excel when they can experience the curriculum first– hand in ways that mimic the way knowledge and skills are used in the world.  Students are given opportunities to experience the curriculum in this way including cross-curricular applications.

Team teaching

Staff work in teams to deliver relevant and high-quality instruction to students.  Three or more brains are far more creative than one. This approach also allows students to bond with staff that they naturally gravitate towards.

Extensive course offerings

St. Francis of Assisi Academy offers a wide range of courses including all streams, specialty sciences and many C.T.S. option courses.

Diverse Programming

Students are provided with programming choices that can help them find success.  Some choices include:

·  Mainstream programming

·  KAE, RAP, & Work Exp.

·  Inclusive Education

·  Life skills programming

·  Credit recovery options

·  Off-Campus Options

Active Athletics Department

St. Francis of Assisi offers a variety of sports and teams as well as access to our fitness room.

Morals, Values and Ethics

Students take part in religious education classes and come together as a community to celebrate God’s love.  Opportunities to engage in ethical and responsible citizenship are provided through service projects and community endeavours.


Please visit the school to see this in action.